BAR EXAM 101, taught exclusively by a former grader of the California Bar Exam (passed California in 1998, Nevada in 2005, and Arizona in 2005) who will guide you on how to pass the bar exam, from the unique perspective of having sat and passed three separate state’s bar exams and having seen how grades are handed down as a former grader for the California Bar Committee of Examiners. Our unique approach isn’t just a series of gimmicks and charts, but rather, true insight into how the graders think, what the graders look for, and what is required of you to pass the bar. Whatever program you opt for, we can help you gain insight into how to deconstruct what you are doing wrong and reconstruct the proper way of writing and attacking each question.


Our programs are either one-on-one or web based and allow candidates from any location to meet with our tutors personally.  There are options for in person meetings, webcam (skype) meetings or phone meetings to effectively study for the bar without worrying about the travel time. 


Our series of programs suits candidates of different needs. From intense one-on-one private tutorials, to customized programs which often include detailed essay review, to web-based learning tools which won't break the bank, we can tailor the right program to suit your needs and budget. Unfortunately, given our commitment to quality, some of our programs are very limited and private tutorial candidates are screened to ensure that you can benefit from our program.


We have a great success rate and are happy to refer past candidates to you to speak with about their experiences so you can get a real understanding of what worked for them and what they did to succeed on the exam.  


If you have an interest in any of our programs or have any questions, please contact us at 323-999-1887 or email us at We will respond promptly.


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