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Private Tutoring


We offer private tutoring to a limited number of candidates each session. The private tutorial program is for those candidates that are looking for a hands on and proactive experience. Throughout the session, you’ll privately meet with the tutor, where all aspects of your test taking will be examined, analyzed and discussed. Through the process, you’ll write between 60+ essays relating to different subjects. Each step of the way, we will work on deconstructing the bad habits from your attack and writing and reconstructing the essays in a manner which the examiners are looking for. You’ll have regular access to the tutor, resources and be provided written feedback on your essays prior to each meeting. Meetings are regularly held once or twice a week from the start of the bar preparation process until the week before the exam. (during the Winter bar, no meetings will be held during the holidays). If you need that extra help fully understand what you have done wrong in the past and, how to attack a question, format the answer, and what to write to create successful answers, then the private tutorial is likely what you’re looking for. Each program is tailored to the individual candidate depending on their needs after assessing their strong and weak suits. If you are interested in the private tutorial program, please click below for an application. The course comes in various packages – a twice a week meeting intensive course, a once-a week meeting “half” course for those that don’t require the intensive course, or a customized course which gives highlights of writing and some one-on-one time with the tutor. Summer and Winter course prices differ because of the time available for tutoring. The costs of the tutorial range from $2600 for the Writing Intensive to $4500 for the Full Intensive package. (these prices only reflect the Winter Course).   Programs which run longer or the Summer programs have different pricing due to the amount of time spent.   If interested in other programs, please email us. 



What's included?


  • Outlines for every subject (condensed and mini outlines) - easy to memorize type of format
  • Pitfalls for every subject (most common mistakes people make on each subject - with strategy on how to proceed)
  • Detailed calendar customized for the students to follow throughout the course
  • Detailed written feedback for all essays and Performance Tests turned into the tutor
  • One on one meetings with the tutor for all aspects of the tutorial (no group meetings)
  • Access to the last twenty years of bar questions administered by the California bar and sample answers
  • Free admission to the webinar (web based) Performance Test Workshop ($129 value)
  • Unlimited Q&A access to the tutor (via email)
  • Unprecedented access to insight that is just not available from other tutors or programs who haven't sat through the grading process.



Customized Tutoring


For those candidates that are on a full bar review (Barbri/Barpassers) schedule, first time takers, or candidates with limited availability or resources, we can customize a tutoring schedule which includes detailed essay review and limited private tutoring. We have had great success in supplementing instruction where other programs fall short, particularly with essay review and writing techniques/mechanics. While this is not the ideal program for someone who needs an overhaul in their approach and attack after previously being unsuccessful, this program can be the perfect complement to candidates already taking a full review course or with limited availability/budget. If you are interested in the customized tutorial program, please click here for an application. The costs of customized tutoring really depend on the needs. The smallest packages start from $1300 and up.





Essay Review


For those candidates who are just looking for someone to give you the feedback and comments that other programs fail to, we offer detailed review of essays, whether it is a previous bar exam or specific questions we assign, we will take your answer, examine and analyze the answer and provide detailed written feedback and comments on what you did wrong and how you should have approached the question.  In addition to getting written feedback we will provide a sample answer to see how the essays SHOULD be written.   Essays reviews can be purchased in packages. Currently the 12 essay package (which does not include any one-on-one tutoring time) is $550 and the 24 essay package is $950. Each essay will be assessed reviewed by not just anybody, but a former bar grader. If you are interested in the essay review, please click here for an application and then submit payment through our bookstore.   (The applicaiton is also in our Bookstore).

Performance Private Tutoring 


For the first time ever, we are offering a Performance Test Based Intensive Review focusing only on the Performance Test and the challegnes that result.  The imporatnce of the PT is underestimated for the exam and some people, while doing fine on other aspects continuiously fail due to their lack of experience and practice under the PT section of the exam.    


To enroll please click here for an application. The costs of customized tutoring really depend on the needs. The cost of the program is $1500.00





Performance Test Workshop


The Bar Exam 101 Performance test Workshop is a web-based audio workshop (with pdf's) allowing you the real experience of attending the workshop with the flexibility of doing it on your own time (and from the comfort of your own home). The Bar Exam 101 Performance Test Workshop focuses on the grader's point of view to teach you about the ins and outs of the Performance Test, how a grader looks and grades the Performance Test and offers a fresh way to review the material, outline/prepare for writing, and an explanation of how to mechanically write the exam in order to save time and organize better. The overall result is a quicker resolution to get to the end result of a complete and high scoring Performance Test.


The lecture is equivalent to a one-day lecture broken into five audio portions with assignments and exercises assigned between specific portions. The cost of the web-based workshop is $129. If you opt to write a practice exam with written feedback, the cost of the additional feedback (detailed written feedback) will be an additional $59 (regular cost is $79) (a total of $188 as a package).


To sign up, please visit our online bookstore and select the PT Workshop.


To contact us: call: 323-999-1887 or

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