What Can I expect from the Private Tutorial Program?


We pride ourselves in customizing our programs for each individual student and their needs. Our approach takes you through a hands-on essay writing course, which will have you writing a multitude of essays by the conclusion of the program. Understanding the differences in how to write for a contracts exam vs. an evidence exam is crucial to know what style to write in. In addition to practicing writing essays, you’ll be exposed to help in areas where your substantive law is weak. Tips, techniques and methods of memorization are also focused on throughout the course. The most important thing we stress is familiarity with the methods in which to write, and practice of the course of the program. This way, you walk into the exam with comfort and confidence.


We have both full time (twice a week meeting) and half-time (once a week meeting) spots available for our students, depending on their needs. The half-time program is mainly focused on writing mechanics and takes you through the understanding of how to write a proper essay the way the graders want to see it. The full-time program increases the intensity of the half-time program and is designed for lots of coverage of substantive material as well. Those students who don't have a great grasp on the law are encouraged to take the full-time program. Those who have a good handle on the law and need a push over the edge are encouraged to take the half-time program. Other programs are available on a customized basis.


For Students who are looking for something more long-term, our off-season long-term program features weekly meetings or a customized schedule depending on the student's needs.


Do you provide materials?


Yes.  In addition to providing outlines for all the subjects, we provide you with our original "pitfalls" which features the most commonly missed issues and mistakes made by students on a subject by subject basis.  The tutorial program is a constant back and forth with open questions, essay comments and suggestions on how to proceed throughout the process. But as you know, with all things, I can send you the materials, but you have to read and study them! We also provide our students with a detailed study calendar from which to work from. A list of things included are:


  • Outlines for every subject (condensed and mini outlines) - easy to memorize type of format. (WORD FORMAT)
  • A matrix of all the past bar essays since 2000 divided up by subject, frequency of the subjects being tested, and the questions AND CA model bar answers available to our students to utilize as "issue spotting" exercises in preparation of the exam.
  • Pitfalls for every subject (most common mistakes people make on each subject - with strategy on how to proceed)
  • Detailed calendar customized for the students to follow throughout the course
  • Detailed written feedback for designated essays and in-session review and instructio on Performance Tests 
  • One on one meetings with the tutor for all aspects of the tutorial (we don't do group meetings except for those specifically requesting their own group).   
  • Access to model answers for designated essays.  Free admission to the webinar (web based) Performance Test Workshop ($119 value - only for half/full time students.)
  • Q&A access to the tutor (via email)
  • Unprecedented access to insight that is just not available from other tutors or programs who haven't sat through the grading process.


Do you provide tutoring on the MBE portion of the exam?


We do not specifically.     Because our methodology was created by former bar graders of the written portions of the exam, we do not feel qualified to offer a separate program for the multistate portion of the exam. However, most of the students who go through the substantive parts of our program (the Essay Intensive and private tutorials) see a substantial improvement in their MBE scores because of the time spent clarifying various points of law.   We are happy to review in-session any MBE questions you have difficulty with and help you resolve any confusion.


How many spots do you have in the private tutorial?


We are limited to only 22 (full time) spots. Each season, there are many who sign up very early to secure a spot. Remember also, that we do not always take every candidate, as we believe it is important for us to assess whether each candidate will work will with the tutor. If interested, please fill out an application and we will contact you shortly to discuss.


How quickly does the private tutorial fill up?


Given the limited availability of spots, our private tutorial spots fill up very quickly, typically within 5-7 days of the release date, if not sooner. However, our workshops and customized programs may be available longer.


Who is the course taught by?


The course is taught by Patrick Lin (exclusively)  a former grader for the California Bar Exam for various sessions and taken the Arizona and Nevada Bar Exams (in addition to California in 1998), and passed all of them within the first attempt. Our tutor passed the California Bar Exam in 1998 and graded for the California Bar Exam as an exam grader for over five years. In addition to being an essay grader, our tutor has also been a "pre-tester" for the California Bar where he pre-tested questions for future bar exams.


Do I have to fill out an application to be considered for a private tutorial spot?


Yes. The applications are used for informational purposes only but the application allows me to assess your background and testing history. There is no application fee and they are not binding in any way. 


Can I work while undertaking the program?


The private tutorial program is an intense program that involves lots of time commitment. While it is possible to maintain a full time job and study for the exam, the realities of doing both at the same time reduce your chances of passing. Our recommendation, obviously, is to take time off of work to study for the exam. However, realities and financial reasons make it difficult for many to stop work. As such, for a person who has to work, we recommend at minimum having 3-4 hours per day to study, every weekend, and to attempt to take at least 4 weeks off prior to the exam. We warn that as you probably already know, the less time devoted to studying, the less chance of you have of passing. Since our program requires active participation on your part and constant and early memorization of the materials, it is highly recommended you take as much time off to study as possible.


While it is certainly possible to pass the exam while working (many of our graduates have done it!), the statistics are much lower than for those who take a formal leave of absence.


For those interested in a tutorial and maintaining a full-time job, while it is not ideal, obviously the realities of the economy make a necessity. We will make every effort to make sure that you can create a custom schedule to maximize your time with the material and gain the knowledge necessary to pass the exam.


Do you offer essay review on a per-essay basis or exam assessments?


Yes, instead of one-on-one sessions, we can do essay-only reviews. Please email us/contact us for more information.


I am a first-time taker. What is the ideal program for me?


The ideal programs for you are the Customized Program and the Performance Test Workshop. We have customized courses available to compliment where your current programs lack. Most of the time, full bar programs really don’t focus on writing enough, (oddly enough writing accounts for most of your grade). As such, we offer customized packages depending on how many essays you want to turn in for detailed feedback, and perhaps some private one-on-one time with a tutor to drive home the most important points. Costs of this program depend on how much time or services you want.


I am not located in California. Are there any distance options for me?


Yes. Many of our previous tutorials were conducted via webcam (Skype) or over the phone with constant email exchange of essays. In fact, many private tutorials were completely done over the phone with great success. Not having to drive to meet your tutor sometimes can save hours in commute, and are just as effective, as most of the materials are exchanged over e-mail and via the internet.


Can I speak to someone who has gone through your program before?


Yes, we will provide you with the contact information previous students as well as other graduates who have agreed to serve as references (but are not listed here for personal reasons). As a courtesy, our references respectfully request that you refrain from contacting them directly at their places of employment. We will provide you with their contact information.


Can I pay by credit card?


Yes, all our programs offer credit card processing.


Do you recommend any supplements?


Yes, we recommend the use of the BAR CODE CHEATSHEETS book by Whitney Roberts (available at www.thebarcode.net) and have found the essays available on www.baressays.com to be very useful in preparing of the exam. The book gives you an overview on attacks for various subjects while the essays found on baressays.com a real way of looking at various passing and non-passing answers to previous bar exams.


To contact us: call: 323-999-1887 or email: plin@barexam101.com



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