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Bar Exam 101 (also known as Patrick Lin, Esq.) and its web-based teaching tools and materials are composed of proprietary material. In it, you will learn various methods, strategies and tricks for writing passing the bar exam and performance tests for the California Bar Examination. These methods are unique to Bar Exam 101. They include but are not limited to: How to write essays, spot the different types of performance tests, how the exams are scored and reviewed, how to read through the essays and performance test materials (instruction sheet, file and library) in an efficient manner, how to organize and structure an outline, how to unfold the law, how to IREACT, how to engage in effective factual analysis and how to manage time while writing a performance test.

The above information is not available to the general public and is protected information.

By enrolling in Bar Exam 101 Performance Test Workshop, you hereby stipulate that you will not discuss or attempt to teach any of the aforementioned particulars, methods, strategies, tips or tricks or any of the other proprietary techniques taught in the web based teaching tools. This assures Bar Exam 101 of three things:

  1. Our proprietary materials and techniques are only taught by its Founder or other certified β€œBar Exam 101” instructors and are therefore taught properly.
  2. The proprietary techniques will not be copied, changed, altered or misunderstood by would-be California Bar Exam applicants.
  3. Bar Exam 101 is justly compensated for the dissemination of its proprietary information.

You understand that breach of this Non-Disclosure Agreement would be harmful to the reputation of Bar Exam 101. and would result in grave financial injury to same, thereby entitlingBar Exam 101 and its Founder to monetary damages and equitable relief.You understand that a breach of this Non-Disclosure Agreement is deemed to be unethical and dishonest conduct.

By accepting this agreement, you agree that, in light of the above, you will not discuss, share, disclose or disseminate, either orally or in writing, or attempt to teach or disseminate any of the proprietary methods taught by Bar Exam 101 in this web-based teaching program.

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