"I would recommend Patrick to anyone who needs a quality tutor to pass the California Bar.  Patrick's rates are very reasonable and his service is above the rest.  He offers one on one and face to face tutoring and tailors the lessons to patch up your weaknesses.  Patrick also has very good strategies on how to memorize the law.  His outlines are very helpful and accurate.  Patrick also has insight on what sort of topics will likely come up on the exam and can tell you how to prepare for them.  He is very professional and will be helpful to anyone needing a hand at this very hard test"


S.C./ - Feb 2017



"Bar 101 was a very instrumental part of passing the bar exam. The California Bar exam has gone from insane to diabolical the past few years and only mastering the law, and mastering how to write essays will get one passed this exam.  Bar 101's outines, strategies, and writing critiques and guidance increased my performance tremendously as I went from missing the bar my first time by almost 90 points to passing the bar my second time during one of the lowest pass rates in history.   Bar 101's method of making you focus on the elements and issues cleaned up my writing a 100 fold.   I encourage people to use Bar 101's methods for attacking essays and mastering the law as it worked for me!"


J. Brown – Feb 2017



I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to work for you. I approached the exam exactly the way you told me to and did everything you said and I passed.  There was a world of difference between what you taught me and what other bar prep programs have taught me in the past. I knew exactly what to do and how to write my answers every step of the way. 

So thank you again for everything and I would not have passed if it wasn't for you. THANK YOU!


David T.  - July 2016



As a bar exam repeater, I was nervous, broke and totally confused about my next approach.  I interviewed several tutors, because I learned that the bar-prep mills do not work for individuals who attended schools which were unable to sufficiently prepare their students for the toughest bar in the country.  I knew the law but had difficulty with my essays. Many of the tutors sounded arrogant and condescending. They made it seem like essay writing for the bar is a magical art which takes a special person (them) to help and even then, there are no guarantees.  I had assumed this wasn't so.  I knew it had to be formulaic.  I just didn't have that formula.  I also knew a former bar grader would have that formula (not all bar graders do-- realized this during my tutor shopping).  When I spoke to Patrick Lin, I was sold--he verified my hunch.  He said there is a simple formula for both essays and PT's. Further, he was charging much less than most so-called experts in the field.  He kept me accountable with very helpful essay critiques and convenient Skyping times to meet weekly.  I needed the push too! As a result, I passed!  If you can't pass with BarExam101, you won't pass at all.  He makes it that easy to understand--not easy to do, but you won't feel like you're running in circles or lost. 


Wais A. July 2016 CBX Passer.





After 3 unsuccessful attempts at the California Bar Exam, which included taking Barbri and my law school's supplemental program, I was at a complete loss.  I had virtually no hope of ever passing the California Bar Exam.  When I reached out to a friend, he recommended Patrick, who helped him pass as a repeat test taker.  I decided to give it a shot, and I'm so glad I did.  Patrick put me on a strict schedule and told me exactly what I needed to hear.  No sugar coating anything.  He was firm, yet professional.  He assigned a lot of work but was flexible when I did not have time.  Patrick spent extra time making sure I understood every concept.  Although I did not feel 100% comfortable with his method for the PT's, he and I worked together to find a method that was specifically tailored to me.  Patrick was also very responsive to all of my emails and I always felt like he was on top of everything, unlike another competing tutor I had.  Without him, I highly doubt I would have passed.  Patrick is exceptional in every way.  I can't thank him enough!"


-Daniel An    



I just wanted to let you know that I passed, and that I owe it all to your tutoring and feedback. 


In particular, it was your PT approach that most profoundly affected my chances the second time around.  In my opinion, you need to stress this more, and sooner, in the process so that students can fully understand the radical change your approach brings about and have time to practice it--something along the lines of: "Everything you're now doing naturally and instinctively is probably wrong, and I'm going to show you a radically different way of taking this test that will blow your mind and cause you to go from fear to total faith in your abilities in the test . . . and the sooner you get on board that, the better." 


In other words, I don't think you realize how revolutionary your approach is, and just how powerful it is.  You need to stress that.  Right up until the time we were reviewing the first test and you told me to skim, I thought I was going to be slogging through the process in my same usual manner and maybe getting some minor tips and tricks from you.  Not such a radical change.  Because of that, I was tempted to put off the process of doing practice tests as somewhat less important than, say, memorization and other tasks.  If you have students putting off their PT practice tests, it may be because they don't quite know what they're in for . . . radical change and empowerment!


Charlie Palmer (



  • After being out of law school for several years, I took the bar exam in July 2013 and failed with mostly 50s and 55s on my essays, a 55 and 60 on the PTs, and a raw score of 112 on the MBE.  Given how hard I had studied, I knew that I must have had some sort of systematic problem in writing the exam to get such uniformly bad scores.  I also knew that if I was going to pass the bar on the next try, I needed a personal tutor.  My one criterion was that the tutor had to be a former bar grader:  I needed someone who knew how the exam was graded to teach me how to write for the exam.  Thanks to Google, I found Patrick and immediately contacted him to see if he would take me as a student. Fortunately for me, he said yes.  Starting in January 2014, I met with him on Skype twice a week, writing six essays a week for him, as he reworked my writing approach.  Although it was painful (to my ego) to get back my essays covered with notes and corrections, it was worth it all when I took and passed the February 2014 bar exam.


Here are just a few advantages to working with Patrick:  (1) writing a LOT of practice essays and getting detailed comments on each of them, (2) Patrick's Pitfalls sheets for each subject, helping you to avoid common mistakes and losing points that you could easily get, (3) the PT workshop that teaches you the most efficient way to organize the information while giving you TONS of time to write.


I now recommend Patrick to everyone I know who is taking or knows someone who is taking the bar exam.  I even recommended him to other bar examinees when I was taking the exam!  Patrick will teach you to write clearly and efficiently - two key elements of writing passing essays.  There is no way I would have been nearly as prepared for the bar exam if I had not worked with Patrick.  Thank you, Patrick!





  • As a working attorney with a young family I knew my time constraints would be the biggest challenge in taking the California bar exam.  Patrick's individualized program worked with my constantly fluctuating schedule and his real world experience as an examiner provided extremely useful tools to approach each essay question ensuring that I focused on the real issues and provided the analysis the bar examiners were looking for.  Thanks Patrick!


Matthew A. Confer



  • "Patrick's advice and teachings on how to write a CA bar exam essay was key for me passing the CA bar on the first try.  Patrick provided detailed critiques that pointed what I was doing wrong with each essay.  More importantly, Patrick taught me how to properly approach a question and then present the law and facts to the bar graders in a well organized format.  Patrick's advice and teachings made even the most intimidating bar questions manageable. Patrick's program is the perfect compliment to a substantive bar review course."


Nicole Torrado



  • I took the California Bar Exam three times, having taken various well-known bar review courses, and each time I did not pass. My scores each time were in the mid-1100s; quite far away from the 1440 needed to pass. My essay and PT scores were always in the 50-55-60 range. Patrick's essay feedback was spot-on as we worked to improve my writing and analysis skills. His Performance Test workshop gave me a solid strategy with which to attack the PTs. It worked! I just received the news that I passed the February 2012 exam. I can confidently say that it is because of Patrick's tutoring program that I was able to go from 1100s to a passing score. Sign up for Bar Tutor 101 if you want to pass! It is worth the investment!


Catherine Tabor (Ventura College of Law)



  • The most valuable thing I learned from my Bar Exam 101 experience was how the bar exam is graded in California. Grasping this helped me to write in a way that not only got the law on the paper but was structured in a way that would maximize the points a grader would award. My experience with Bar Exam 101 was entirely positive and I would recommend this tutoring service to anyone whether they be a first-time taker or a repeat taker.


Amy Staehr



  • In the world of Bar Prep services/tutors, Patrick Lin has set himself apart from others with the genuine care and effective teaching methods.  I contacted Patrick after I failed to pass the Bar exam by over 100 points.  I had a few problems: (1) poor memorization, (2) poor essay writing skills, (3) low MBE scores.  Patrick reviewed my essays and gave me his opinion on what things I needed to improve.  From there, he gave me a study plan and I followed it to a perfect T.  Efficiency is the name of Patrick's teaching method.  He has taken enough time to review the "bar-game" and has his own methods to pass the exam.  The one advice I have is FOLLOW HIS ADVICE! I referred two friends of mine to Patrick, both of which passed immediately.  Lastly, Patrick will push you till the edge, but once you are there, everything clears up and you see the finish line.  Trust him, believe in him, and follow him.  He will help you get over this exam! He will be your teacher, your parole officer and your friend.


Henrik Sardarbegians



  • Patrick showed me that there is a technique to writing a Bar essay that is different from writing a law school exam.  I was successful in passing the Bar because I applied his method.


Camille Thomas



  • Patrick taught me to write efficiently and effectively.  His personalized attention and thorough feedback was critical to my success on the exam.  Working with Patrick helped me to stay focused and get the most out of the time I spent studying. All of our sessions were done over the phone and the process worked out smoothly.  I highly recommend Patrick's services to both first-time and repeat takers.


T.M., University of California, Berkeley (Boalt Hall) School of Law



  • "Patrick helped me out on the Feb 2012 bar exam. He was referred to me by a trusted friend and multiple bar taker. Patrick's teaching style is direct and to the point. He teaches you how to write in such a way that is easiest for the bar exam grader to read.  Sometimes, most of the time for me, it was the difference between a just failing essay and a solid passing essay. Be ready to work hard!"


Dennis Lee



  • When I was unsuccessful after my second attempt at the CA bar exam, I was crushed.  My MBE scores had improved significantly, however my writing scores were paltry, showing very little improvement.  Feeling that my chances as a repeater were slim, I doubted I wanted to take the exam again and, unfortunately, let the days pass.  When I finally decided to take the exam, I had only seven weeks before the next administration.  I didn't want to spend a ton of money nor did I have the time to relearn a whole new system.  I needed a personal tutor to allow me to build on what I already knew but dramatically make changes to my writing.  


  • Patrick Lin was exactly what I needed.  One word to describe Patrick is "focused."  He has a no-nonsense style and is very knowledgeable of the black letter law.  As a previous bar grader, he was able to tell me exactly what a bar grader was looking for, what they were NOT looking for, and that alone improved my timing, organization, and overall expression of the law.  Our sessions were productive and insightful and he provided detailed comments on each essay I submitted.  As for the substantive law- there was no re-inventing the wheel, because his outlines supplemented my existing knowledge of the law very well - allowing more focus on my writing. (I previously took a large commercial bar prep course.)  He was also very accessible and responsive outside our sessions as well.


  • I passed this time around and it was a huge relief.  I got over the wall and I know Bar Exam 101 with Patrick Lin made all the difference.  I felt prepared, focused, and most of all confident that I could take it on again. 


-T. Nguyen



  • The advice I would give to anyone taking Patrick's program is to always listen to him and follow his schedule to the T.  Patrick gives you constructive criticism and tips on how to be an effective writer.  A big part of passing the bar is learning how to play the Bar game and accumulating as many points as possible to pass.  Another thing I found to be really helpful and very effective in my studying (and is unlike most bar programs) is that he recommended rewarding yourself with breaks when you've worked hard and reached your goals.  I would recommend Patrick's program to anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort into passing the bar this time around.



Patrick sells two things: a methodology for writing essays, and his time in making sure you execute it properly. This methodology is efficient, easy to understand, and very effective. I took Patrick's full-time program while working in a foreign country. It was rough, and he is demanding, but he gets you to get the job done.


Michael C.



Patrick's provides helpful and reliable advice. He tailors the study schedule according to your needs and most importantly, makes sure that you understand key essay concepts. I highly recommend him!


Erica A.




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