Top Reason Why People Fail the Bar Exam


1.Don’t understand the law – Unfortunately law school, doesn’t prepare everyone equally and your grasp of Torts from your first year isn’t as fresh. Understanding the law and how it works isn’t as tough as it sounds, but it’s something you have to approach early on to ensure that when you write, it makes sense. We work on ensuring each candid.


2. Didn’t memorize the law – People too often wait until the very end to memorize. Then they realize memorizing fourteen subjects in a matter of a few weeks isn’t enough time. Memorizing the law must be started early. We focus on memorization, techniques for memorization and the use of different memory triggers early in our course to ensure.


3. Don’t know where to start – Having an attack is important for litigation as it is for the bar exam. Sometimes just giving a little nudge in the right direction can get you where you need to be. We work on the different types of questions you will be face.


4. Don’t know how to organize – Having graded thousands of bar exam, organization is crucial to get the points you deserve. We spend lots of time in our course teaching you the proper way to organize your thoughts, the way you attack the exam and ultimately the way you organize your question. It isn’t as hard as you think but people often over-think their exams and often don’t answer the question that’s right under their nose.


5. Don’t know what to write – With good preparation, memorization and attack, you’ll never have this problem. In fact, the more you progress in this course, the more you’ll realize you don’t have enough TIME to write, let alone not knowing what to write.


6. Failed to Spot the Issues – This is a matter of doing enough essays that you start recognizing the limited ways issues can be introduced. Over the course of a private tutorial, you will have attacked over 65+ essays and issue spotted even more. This certainly won’t be an issue after having gone through our course.


7. Test Anxiety – This comes with under-preparation. Having taken our course, students often comment on how confident they felt going into the exam, which alleviates the anxiety that comes with test taking. Having an attack and a systematic approach to the way you answer your questions, is the key to overcoming your anxiety.


8. Didn't Answer the Question – Often times, people answer the question based on their outline, and not on the question itself. Remember to always answer the QUESTION and use that as a framework for answering the question.


9. Didn't Watch the Clock During the Exam – Stick to exact timing when doing the exam.  People on the exam think they can get those few extra points by going over time, when all they're doing is taking away points from the next exam.   Only go back if you finish all three essays early.  Don't go over the one hour.  Be a stickler for time to give you the best chance of passing each one.


10. Didn't Do Enough Practice MBE's/PT/Essays – Critical in preparation is practice. Not doing enough practice MBE's and Essays is a common practice.  You don't want to be caught off guard.  Seeing the myriad ways of the way they ask questions and developing a strategy of attack is critical.  Practice makes perfect (or at least passing).



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